italies (italies) wrote,

clothes, shoes, and accessories

floral one piece romper
fits about a medium, never worn
price: $25
#: c001

white floral overalls (i just realized this is a photo of the back, sorry)
model photo
size 26, overall straps fit someone taller than me (5'2), never worn
price: $14
#: c002

red dress
size S, worn once
price: $14
#: c003

white hoodie sweater
fairly large, fits M or L. never worn
price: $14
#: c006

black and white dress
fits S/M, never worn
price: $12
#: c007

black and white striped batwing shirt
worn once, fits S or M
price: $9
#: c010

loose white cityscape shirt
back detail
worn once, fits about M
price: $16
#: c011

art and revolution oversized tee
worn once, fits M or maybe L
price: $12
#: c012

long sleeved black patterned shirt
worn once, fits S
price: $13
#: c013

camera tank top
never worn, fits M
price: $11
#: c015

paris, la ville de l'art tank top (words are supposed to look smeared)
worn once, fits M, a bit loose in right corner where i tied it once
price: $9
#: c016

black and white checkered turtleneck sweater
never worn, fits an M or more
price: $10
#: c017

the beatles tank top
back detail
never worn, size S
price: $5
#: c018

white floral skirt
worn once, size S (probably also fits M)
price: $9
#: c019

- - - - - -

over the knee black and red striped socks
gold heart detail
worn once
price: $4
#: c004

X belt
worn once, is a bit bent in some places
price: $4
#: c005

nine west white hat
worn once or twice
price: $11
#: c008

buttoned schoolgirl socks
worn once, has a couple dirty spots
price: $10
#: c009

- - - - - -

black vkei/gothloli shoes
additional angle, scuffs
women's size 7. worn once, has some dirt
price: $28
#: shoe001

bow shoes
additional angle
women's size 6.5. bought from chinese ebayer, so quality is adequate. never worn
price: $17
#: shoe002
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